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Targeted Inversion of the Tutorials in “Mathematics for Chemists”, A Case Study
Citation key SchmittSchoennemannKruseEtAl2015
Author Franz-Josef Schmitt and Thilo Schönnemann and Fabian Kruse and Franziska Egbers and Sascha Delitzscher and Jörn Weissenborn and Ahmad Aljanazrah and Thomas Friedrich
Title of Book Proceedings of Global Learn 2015
Pages 191–200
Year 2015
Address Berlin, Germany
Month April
Publisher Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE)
Abstract We present a case study for a new teaching concept mainly characterized by a “targeted inversion” of the tutorials that accompany the lecture in Mathematics for Chemists at TU Berlin. The framework of this new concept is a student reform project funded by TU Berlin, called ‘educationZEN’. Central points of the targeted inversion are: 1. Face-to-face meetings for active calculations where the students directly solve the exercises. 2. Example calculations and basic definitions offered as online videos. 3. A flexible time span to solve the exercises 4. Iterative correction cycles (finally 80 % of the exercises had to be correct for admission to the exam). 5. Peer assessment elements, especially peer marking of a mock exam. The students’ success in the final exam improved significantly. While generally about 50 % of all students failed to pass the final exam, this value dropped to 18 %. The average mark of the students passing the exam improved significantly from 2.7 to 1.7.
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