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Self-dependent students in transdisciplinary projects tend to higher interest in sustainability research
Zitatschlüssel Schmitt_sefi_2017
Autor Schmitt Franz-Josef; Schröder Christian;Yenice Campbell Züleyha;Wilkening Svea;Moldenhauer Marcus;Friedrich Thomas
Buchtitel 45th SEFI Conference
Jahr 2017
Zusammenfassung The orientation program MINTgrün at Technische Universität Berlin (TU Berlin) offers two study semesters for open choices of teaching modules including a series of specially designed laboratories for research-based learning (RBL). The online project laboratory in chemistry (OPLChem) offered in MINTgrün follows the concepts of RBL with a transdisciplinary approach and allows for a free choice of a project drafted by the students themselves. The concept of the OPLChem seems to motivate the students to follow their interests in sustainability research as during the last two years 16 of 23 student groups chose topics typically related to sustainability. Our students publish their results in the form of videos and blogs in the internet. In this way a growing pool of new blogs and online videos of various experiments was established for the public.
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